How to train a housedog requires a lot of your time. It needs a serious matter of your time. How to train a housedog requires more effort than spending time on school or studying for an exam.

However, the same as other matters, there is always a way to me make things easier. For people who really love to take care of pets, it is easier for them to spend time training their dog. How about those people who do not loves pet that much? Does this mean that they will have a dog that is not trained?

The first thing you must know when house training your dog is to show them that you love them. It is important to understand your dog and their nature. Dog may be just an animal for some or simply a pet. However, dogs are more than just that. They can be a good companion and offer love to their pet owner. They follow their owner when they feel that they are important and loved.

Aside from loving your dog, you must also know its likes and dislikes. You must understand its nature as an animal and a companion. Knowing these things will help you in training your dog. In this way, you can give rewards or praises when the dog does well. Probably, these rewards will depend on what the dogs want such s dog food or a simple pat on the back.

Next thing you must know, aside from the time needed, you must also have the enough patience when training your housedog. If you find it difficult to potty train a human toddler, then housebreak training a dog would be impossible for you. Having communication with your dog may be the most difficult part. However, when you understand them, its nature, it will be easier. Patience is one the key aspect in assuring that the dog will learn what you want it to learn.

Lastly, the dog should be able to feel that it is safe with it having you as its trainer. It should feel that its home is with you, the person who is training him. This way, the dog would willingly give up to your command and will do as you say. You as a trainer should always have a quality time together in forms of bonding through playing or as simply as jogging together in the park.

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